Sony Introduces New FCP Software for XDCAM HD

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Is it appropriate to get v2. I'm using Leopard with Final Cut Studio 3.


Thanks for the help. What are you actually doing? Good Luck Michael Palmer. And, I forgot to mention So I assume that the full installer will take care of that issue? Thank you https: Error Scanning Device Is there a FCP7 setting I need to change? Sony hires professional web designers who work under usability designers to make sure it is impossible for anyone to find anything on their website.

My bet is you're looking at the USA site. I think Rubik designed it after he finished with the Rubik's Cube. Click on View All in that frame http: The version number. Click on Click Here to Download Software. It's very tiny to ensure no one over 40 can read it. To the left of that you'll note that the Product Category is Videotape Recorders This is to let you know that you are downloading the Videotape Recorder for your tapeless camera.

Of course if you have Snow Leopard you will likely discover a Thumbnail Cache bug which Sony neglects to mention and has not yet provided an update to fix. I tried writing to the guys at Kopto Studios asking them what they think of the idea but nobody has ever replied. Everyone says there is no way to get info from Media Composer into FCPX but if this idea I have pans out it could be a way to get at least something crossed over. Bin info is better than nothing and it will save my notes, which are extensive and will help speed up the logging process in FCPX.

What I suggest is contacting the folks at Intelligent Assistance www.

Sony xdcam transfer software for mac

They know more about metadata, logging and transferring notes from one application to another than anyone else on the planet. Your email address will not be published.

An XDCAM transfer tutorial

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October 4, at 4: Thanks, Aaron. Bob says: December 23, at 1: Thoughts please. My use: HD post on travel blogs, vacations around the globe. Respectfully yours, Bob. Aaron Brown says: December 23, at 2: Yes, I banged my head a few times on that one… As Larry has pointed out regularly, and as I say to my students at least twice a week — backing up the whole card is a must if you want to keep the blood pressure down. Hope this helps, and Merry Christmas! Bill says: May 9, at Good luck, have fun!

where do I get xdcam transfer software?

May 14, at 5: Thanks for the reply, A. Marc says: April 13, at Anything you can weigh in on could give me some hope about getting this started. Thank you, Marc.

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  • Larry says: April 14, at 6: They would have the best advice for you. Marc Miller says: April 16, at 1: Summarizing from Apple's tech note HT http: This update adds the following video codecs needed by certain Sony products for use by QuickTime-based applications:. General Notice: Link FAM driver. Please download and use the standalone Mac i. Link FAM driver installer.

    Sony xdcam transfer software for mac -

    Includes Optical FAM driver v2. The performance of this software will vary depending on the video format of the material, its size, the storage location, and the performance of the computer. Dropped frames, stopped frames, audio gaps, and delays before scrub playback may occur if the performance of the computer is not high enough.

    This can be obtained from the Sony web site. LINK cable. In this case you need to restart your Macintosh.